Won’t my insurance go up if I get in a car accident and why hire an attorney?

Insurance rates are always the greatest concern for any person. After all, it’s often one of the largest bills that is required by law for us to purchase if we intend to get around anywhere in our own car.

Therefore, here is an honest and open answer from someone who has worked as an insurance agent, legal claims center, attorney, and friend:

(1) Your insurance will go up anyways even if you do not open a claim, based upon various factors that only the insurance companies know.
(2) If you get in a car accident, why not use the insurance that you purchased?
(3) Now, you’ve decided that you might as well use your insurance or make a claim against that other driver who was hitting their kid in the backseat while driving with no seat belt, but you’re not sure what’s the point of hiring (and paying) an attorney when you can do it yourself.
(4) The insurance companies love it when you don’t hire an attorney. This means they can deny or delay your claim and they know you do not have the legal experience to do anything about it. What’s worse, after many months of dragging your case out, they will underpay what you should’ve been paid. You didn’t think Insurance Companies, which are a business, is your friend…did you?
(5) Since time is money, you wasted all your time with the insurance company to either be denied what you should’ve been paid or underpaid.
(6) So if you have hired an attorney in the first place, you would’ve been paid fairly or even more than what you deserved. Then, even if you paid the attorney, you would’ve come out with more money then if you had done it yourself.

And that my friends, is your answer.

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