Johnny Nguyen

CEO & Founder


Johnny was born and raised in Vietnam. Along with his mother and father, he migrated to the United States through a visa. Although he and his family did not speak English as their primary language, they vowed to repay the United States for this opportunity. He continues his family’s mission by becoming the first licensed attorney in his entire immediate and extended family. Further, he wishes to uphold the American Dream for everyone. Not everyone can afford legal representation, therefore Johnny wishes to provide quality, ethical, zealous and AFFORDABLE legal representation to all his clients, no matter how big or small their case is.

Prior to obtaining his license, Johnny had already worked for multiple law firms for many years. This meant he had over ten (10) years of legal experience in the community. During that time, Johnny had visited many states, such as Washington, to argue before actual appellate and trial judges on behalf of his clients while supervised by a licensed attorney or on behalf of his law school. He has many hours of courtroom experience for both criminal and civil trial. Moreover, Johnny is incredibly experienced in complex civil litigation. He has closed a large amount of files with thousands of dollars for the client while working for the law firms. While in law school, Johnny wrote a lengthy thesis studying business formations and entity conflicts throughout the United States and the American civil system. Finally, Johnny Nguyen & Associates continues to provide Pro Bono and volunteer services such as the Harris Health System.

Pratice Areas

  • Estate Planning
  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Contract Law
  • Real Estate Law