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Because we are also a Law Firm, we have multiple staff and/or attorneys on site or on call 24/7! This means we can assist our clients in all areas of law, including but not limited to, Tax, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Business, Immigration and etc. Please contact us immediately so we can promise you the best customer service we can provide.

Our Business

Johnny Nguyen & Associates is an All-in-One Legal Service Center and Law Firm. This means that you can come with any legal problem or matters and our company will be glad to assist you. Further, we provide legal documents, including but not limited to, Auto Title Transfers, Home Title Transfers, Business Formations, and etc. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We cater to multiple foreign languages, including but not limited to, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish. We even provide free translation services if you are our client!

Customer Service

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We put customers before money. Our Company believes that the legal community needs truthful, honest, zealous and ethical service.

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Mission Statement

Johnny Nguyen & Associates believes that the customer should have above and beyond legal representation. Everyone deserves a day in court, and that their voices should be heard loud and clear. Therefore, our mission statement is to provide honest, ethical and zealous representation of our clients. This means we will always be forthcoming and honest when we deal with our clients. Further, we will represent the best interest of our clients according to law and ethics in the community. Our attorney(s) have over ten (10) years of actual courtroom and/or legal experience and outside counsel have over twenty (20). This means we have been in the legal community for long enough to know how to handle your case to the best of our abilities. We also believe that everyone should have a say, even if they can’t speak English. Therefore, we have many different language translation and interpretation services. Additionally, we also provide court certified translation services and notary public services. Johnny Nguyen & Associates is an All-in-One service and legal center.

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Legal Practices Area

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense law consists of the legal protections afforded to people who have been accused of committing a crime.

Personal Injury

Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property.


Immigration law refers to the national statutes, regulations, and legal precedents governing immigration into and deportation from a country.

Insurance Claim

An insurance claim is a formal request by a policyholder to an insurance company for coverage or compensation for a covered loss or policy event.

Business Law

Business law is sometimes called mercantile law or commercial law and refers to the laws that govern the dealings between people and commercial matters.

Real Estate law

Real estate law is the area of law that governs buying, using and selling land.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Johnny Nguyen & Associates different?

We put our customers before money. Our company mission statement is to provide the best customer service to each and every individual, no matter how big or small their case. Further, we specialize in employing and training a variety of different socioeconomic and educational backgrounds so we can understand our clients on a personal level. Finally, we cater especially to the underrepresented and whose English is not their first language.

What license or qualifications do you have?

Our attorneys and/or representatives have over ten (10) years of experience in the legal and service field. We are fully licensed to practice law and to provide any type of customer service you may need.

How soon do you answer your voicemails or email?

Quality customer service is our number one priority. We will always call back or respond via email within 12-24 hours. Oftentimes it is within the same day. We take holidays and weekends into account and will make every effort to respond during holidays and weekends.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Personal Check, Business Check, Money Orders and Cashier’s Check.